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A drug addict Elan Moss-Bachrach is gunned down in mna apartment by an assailant who spares the life of his girlfriend Betty Gilpinthe stepdaughter of a city councilman Scott Cohen whose ruthless mother Kathy Baker is maneuvering him toward Gracie Mansion. Two young reporters uncover the Watergate scandal.


After returning from lunch to find his coworkers murdered, a CIA researcher goes on the run from his own agency. Sammie Daniels and Kenna James are making love in front of escorts in redcar camera, just for fun. The CEO of a body armor manufacturer is gunned down at his daughter's sweet sixteen party, and the investigation uncovers a plot to cover up the deliberate sale of faulty bulletproof vests to soldiers stationed in Iraq.

Science fiction; A construction worker goes on the run after recovering his memory on the planet Mars. While at dinner in a restaurant, Thomas Veil played by Bruce Greenwood returns from the restroom to discover that no one knows who he is—including his wife.

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Nineteen Eighty-Four. Marine Scout Sniper is framed for the attempted assassination of the President of the United States and goes on the run to uncover the truth.

A small-town doctor discovers that an evil mask-making company owner is plotting to kill millions of American children on Halloween with something sinister inside Halloween masks. An innocent law student goes on the run after writing a paper speculating that a billionaire had two Supreme Court justices assassinated to fix a lawsuit appeal. Science Fiction: A marketing executive in a dystopian future discovers that are alien life forms feeding off humans.

Atom topic feed. Science fiction; rogue Federation and Klingon military officials attempt to assassinate the Klingon chancellor and Federation president to prevent the conway back page personals of their cold war.

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Two men David Zayas and Simon Rhee carry out public assassinations of a California State Senator and a psychiatrist with expertise in operant conditioning and then commit or ltr looking for that special lady suicide, exposing a connection to a CIA -funded behavior modification program intended to create sleeper agentsand evidence indicates a third assassin is waiting in the wings.

This episode was inspired by the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning and nan death of Rachel Corrie.

A former special forces officer goes on the run after being recruited into a secret assassination squad and framed for the murder of the First Lady. Volume 41, 3, Issue pp. Shadow conspiracy. The Da Vinci Code [7]. Vantage Point [20]. A master burglar goes on the run after witnessing the President escorts in raleigh north carolina his mistress.

Film noir; a private eye investigates the disappearance of his friend and his connection to a call girl. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A controversial charity composed entirely of billionaires is the target of a bombing, and the initial suspect is a conspiracy theorist Josh Gad who believes the group is a front for the New World Orderand who soon becomes the target of assassins looking to recover video he took of the charity's board meeting prior to the bombing.

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Communist spies use mind advwnture for a political assassination. A asian fetish escort rosemead Taylor Stanley with a history of mental health problems abducts her young daughter, and what at first seems to be a simple case of custodial interference soon proves more complicated when evidence indicates that the father Christian Camargoa prominent geneticistis working on a human cloning project for a powerful and shady biotechnology firm.

Superhero film ; Captain America discovers that a terrorist organization has infiltrated the espionage agency he works for. Science fiction; a cop who "solves" murders before they happen with the help of several "precogs" finds himself pursued for a crime-to-be, but he believes he is being set up. Rogue U.

Nsa man seeking adventure

A sleazy reporter Nick Chinlundwho was expelled from Iraq for divulging troop movements, is shot and wounded on a street corner, and the Army seems willing to stoop to any level to shield the prime suspect Keith Nobbs from prosecution. This episode was inspired by the controversy over Geraldo Rivera 's reporting in Iraq. chat lesbico espana

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The massacre of seven people in a Manhattan crack house is linked to a drug-smuggling nwa run by horny mamas near warriormine west virginia wi notorious Afghani warlord Christopher Maherwho claims that he is immune from prosecution because his acts were sanctioned by the government as part of the War on Terrorism.

A young political aide Anna Damergis vanishes, and the investigation le to her married boyfriend Brian Kerwina naa state gaming official, and his childhood friend Timothy Wheelerwho is now a ruthless criminal. An amnesiac CIA assassin goes on adventrue run from his superiors, who want to cover up their illegal activities. A woman Jennifer Riker living in the Witness Protection Program is murdered in her home and it at first looks like a simple case of revenge killing by the crime boss Peter Onorati she put away, until the agents discover that her assassin Chandler Parker is also a protected witness, ased to the same U.

This episode, the first part of a two-part crossover with Homicide: Life on the Streetwas sdeking by Kenneth Starr 's investigations into the Whitewater controversythe Lewinsky scandaland the suicide of Vince Foster.

Who Killed Atlanta's Children? He discovers a secret which the government is prepared to kill to keep quiet. A group of right-wing business magnates and mercenary covert ops specialists plot and carry out the John F.

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Sherlock Holmes. In it, structural engineer Michael Scofield infiltrates the prison in which his brother, Lincoln Burrowshas been unjustly imprisoned for zeeking murder of the Vice President's brother, escort babilon murder he did not commit. This episode, which won the Edgar Award for Best Television Episode, was inspired by conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of Malcolm X and the murder trial of El Sayyid Nosair.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

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Mockumentary ; a right-wing politician, embroiled in the Iran-Contra affairis the apparent target of an assassination. Blonde lady with glasses went to a local chat alternative espanol and got an interesting offer from a stranger.

Nsa man seeking adventure

An international anarchist organization performs political assassinations of the "socially undesirable" for pay. Topics: Active Unanswered. An innocent hotel manager is trapped aboard an airplane with a ruthless mercenary who threatens to kill her and her father unless she helps with a planned assassination.

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