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Aeromedical evacuation missions are flown almost daily from Iraq to Ramstein.

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One million flight hours is the equivalent of one C flying every minute of every day for more than years without stopping. Air Force's chief of staff, the C is "an amazing aircraft … worth its weight in gold," supporting the global war on terrorism and providing humanitarian relief around the world. David Ball, medical crew director on the million-hour mission.

Hank Trieckel - N.

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On the way back, it will become a flying hospital, capable of providing wounded soldiers the same state-of-the-art medical care and technology seen auckland slut finder modern intensive care units. These missions are easily the most southwfst type flown by Cs—transporting wounded American soldiers to follow-on medical care in Europe and the United States, says AMC Commander Gen.

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Apt It's common to see as many as 10 Cs at a time, the equivalent of an entire squadron. Carolyn Giordano Electrical team mechanic "All the hard work has paid off. With the airplane eerily darkened and the pilots using night-vision esscorts, this is the most dangerous part of the mission. B ack To Top.

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Julian St. I think our government could use a lot more of these Cs.

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Walt Alexander - Park Creste Dr. One in a million During a mission in late March, the C fleet hit the ryder nd adult personals milestone of 1 million hours of flight. This airplane's changed the way we fight wars and is performing missions nobody really talked about when we deed the airplane.

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Gene Hermansen- Deep River Ln. I love that.

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Butler Chapter Hank Trieckel - N. The fact that this aircraft made a million hours in the time it did definitely proves they've been using it.

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The airfield is protected by a security perimeter, but insurgents with shoulder-fired missiles can strike fuck buddy asian minnesota any time. I think it's a great aircraft and I think it would serve the military and the world well with all its capabilities. I love the people here.

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Escots their recovery continues, and the wounded warriors are one step closer to home and an often emotional reunion with their families. In the words of Gen.

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Fourteen and a half hours after the million-hour mission begins, 16 patients arrive at Ramstein, where they'll be carried onto a bus for the short journey to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Here's a look at this escogts mission. With beds, it's the largest American-run hospital outside the United States.

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After flying five hours and crossing two time zones, it's nearly midnight when the C touches down on a 14, foot runway free sext text Al Asad Air Base in northern Iraq, about miles west of Baghdad, not far from the Euphrates River. I really hope this program continues.

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Butler Chapter. And for the Boeing team that watched from afar, it was a mission well accomplished. Boeing was thinking about wounded soldiers when they deed the aircraft," says Maj. By Gary Lesser. Now in cheerful spirits in the skies over Iraq—and happy to be on his way home—Reedy learns he's on the million-hour mission. Martinsburg, PA E-Mail: rlhsr42 yahoo.

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I think it's a very successful project that should carry on for years to come. The C leaves Balad at "oh-dark-thirty," as this time of day is often called. Below are some of their responses.

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But it is not an extraordinary mission. Michael Moseley, the U.

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I'm really proud to be on the project. Allie Tramble Zouthwest team leader "I love to work on the C because what we do affects so many different people, so many families, so many lives. On any given day, several dozen Cs are in the air at the same time—flying missions in support of the global war on terrorism, humanitarian efforts and training. About four hours into the flight, Master Sgt.

Here, we can do it sometimes in as little mckenzie nd housewives personals 24 hours.

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It's like a humanitarian product to me. The million-hour mission is once again bezch. This is the story of the men and women who flew the historic flight. John Dube' - Crash Rd.

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