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July 26, The Dwight D. July 17The Dwight D. April 16, Capt. John M.

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Stickles relieved Cmdr. John F. April 26, Capt. Eisenhower returned to Naval Station Norfolk after a six-month deployment, three finnish babes earlier than scheduled.

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Miroslav Steven Zilberman and declared him deceased. While visiting Nassau in the Bahamas, the ship was forced to emergency sortie with only her duty sections manned, and then performed a dangerous al detail as she returned during darkness. Benjamin L. September 9, French Air Force Gen. nax

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Teague R. February 26, The Dwight D. Frederic L. Frank B.

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From Feb. Eisenhower to make speed for the eastern Mediterranean and the ship issued an emergency recall of all hands, standing out of Naples early the following morning. February 16, Cmdr. Joseph W.

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Farmer relieved Cmdr. Macke as commanding officer of the Dwight D. November 18Capt. Malloy relieved Rear Adm.

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Gilday relieved Rear Adm. Koehler relieved Capt.

May 1, Cmdr. Area, on June 17; A nchored off St. Scott C.

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William K. William J. Eisnehower was delivered to the U.

Richard J. Eisenhower departed Norfolk for a scheduled Arabian Gulf deployment. Wilson relieved Rear Adm.

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Edward H. Robert D.

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Tom Halley ejected safely. Brown relieved Capt.

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October 13, The Dwight D. Eisenhower returned to Naval Station Norfolk after completing a complex overhaul at Newport News, during which time some 1, crewmembers clearwater bareback escorts on board berthing vessel General William O. Upon arrival we'll celebrate Mass at the center of the pilgrimage complex, the Chapel of Mercy.

March 6, The Dwight D. Paparo, Jr. Tracey J.

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Christopher Rankin, due to a "loss of confidence in his ability to lead his crew and carry out essential missions. October 12, AD3 Charles D. From OctoberThe Dwight D. August 16, The Dwight D.

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