Outbound Delegations

Delegations are classified into 3 categories:

  • Flagship Delegation: Provides a deep dive into foreign business ecosystems and allows for customizable unique itinerary arrangements. Flagship delegations are recommended for companies that have a predetermined goal in mind and have a sense for what type of organizations can best further their business goals. 
  • Conference Delegation: Outbound delegations that are focused around conference programming and cover a rapid introduction into local business ecosystems. By attending large industry conferences, delegates are given the opportunity to meet major organizations and business leaders that can be difficult to meet otherwise. 
  • Sister Cities Delegation: Austin Sister City International (ASCI) city committees coordinate delegations open to the public that are geared towards cultural exchanges. They present not only a great opportunity to learn more about other parts of the world but also a great way to meet some amazing people in the local community.

Pune, India


Flagship Delegation

Dates: September 22-29

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Cost: $3,000* (includes airfare and hotel) 

Arranged by the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce

*Price subject to change and only covers the cost of airfare, hotel, and ground transportation. All other cost are at the responsibility of the individual delegate.


To develop relationships with Pune, India at the commercial, municipal, and citizen levels. The participating businesses engage with peer businesses, channel partners, and potential acquisition or investment companies. The delegation arrives just as Ganesh Chaturthi ends and affords the delegation to experience some of Pune culture by night and nearby historical sites.


  1. Business development
  2. One-on-one business meetings
  3. Introductions to high ranking government officials and business leaders in India
  4. Target industries:
    1. Bio/Life Sciences - Fitness/health-tech, robotics, mental health, prosthetics
    2. Smart Cities Technologies - IoT, clean energy/renewables, zero waste  

Pune High Points

  • 6 million person population
  • Named 1 of 100 Smart Cities in India
  • “Oxford of India”: more universities per capita than any other city in India
  • One of the fastest growing cities in Asia; doubling every 25 years like Austin
  • USA Patents & Trademarks recognized and protected
  • Home to Sunburn Music Festival; one of the largest in the world with avg 300k attendees each year
  • Talented workforce; almost 50/50 ratio of men to women in STEM education
  • Average age of Punaites is 24

Oita, Japan


Sister Cities Delegation

Dates: October 17-26

Cost: $3,500* (includes airfare, hotels, one bus tour in Kyoto, and one bus tour in Tokyo)

If interested in going or have any questions, contact Kristie Bryant at oita@austinsistercities.com.

*Final amount dependent on number of participants and subject to change.


Visit Oita, Austin’s Sister City in Japan, October 17-26.

To help create a stronger bond between the Austin community and community members of Austin's sister city Oita, Japan, a Sister City delegation is being coordinated and open to the public. Through one-on-one cultural exchanges Austin Sister Cities International and the Oita Committee are building global connections. 

You will spend 4 nights in Oita, 2 nights in Kyoto and 2 nights in Tokyo. We will be in Oita from October 18, departing October 22 for Kyoto. There will be three Austin musicians performing at Oita’s Yumeiro Music Festival October 20-21 during the same time!


1. Cultural exchanges

2. Create citizen to citizen connections between Austin and Oita

3. Support local Austin musicians as they perform internationally

Oita High Points

  • Nearby Taksaki mountain is famous for wild monkeys.
  • Oita Stadium, also known as Big Eye or Kyushu Oil Dome, is home of the football club Oita Trinita.
  • Centrally located in the middle of the city is a large retail shopping area.
  • Nearby Onsen hot springs.
    And Oita, and specifically the Big Eye Stadium are hosting the Rugby World Cup 2019 which is a big deal in Japan.

Monterrey, Mexico


Conference Delegation

Dates: November 7-11, 2018

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To foster and develop business growth in the local startup ecosystem, Austin entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to participate in an outbound delegation visiting Mexico and attending one of the world's premiere startup conferences, INCmty. INCmty attracts industry leaders from all over the world and serves as a convening event for investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Austinites will be given the opportunity to attend the conference as well as have individual meetings setup with leading startup companies, peer organizations, and the local investment community. The delegation will serve as a medium for creating or furthering meaningful relationships that have the potential to create partnerships, connect with investment opportunities, or break into new markets.


  1. Business development
  2. One-on-one business meetings
  3. Introductions to high ranking government officials and business leaders in Mexico
  4. Target industries:
    1.  Tech startups
    2.  Edtech
    3.  Energy Innovation and Alternative Power

Monterrey High Points

  • Monterrey's geographical location and large tech ecosystem have led many to believe it is well on its way to being the a large international business hub.
  • Monterrey is the capital of the state of Nuevo Leon.
  • It is Mexico's 9th largest city.
  • The World Cup was played in Monterrey in 1986.
  • Goat meat is a local favorite food.
  • It has the highest bungee jump in Mexico.
  • The city produces a large amount of steel.
  • It is the home of Alta Ventures and has investors from many other organizations such as Naranya, ImpactHub, and Statup Mexico.

Helsinki, Finland


Conference Delegation

Dates: December 3-8, 2018 

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SLUSH is a world-renowned event that celebrates and convenes entrepreneurs from all industries. With Austin's comprehensive reputation of being a hub for leading tech, innovation, and industry advancement, there is a huge amount of potential for Austin businesses to make global connections that will drive growth. The participating companies will have access to engage with their peer businesses, channel partners, and potential acquisition or investment organizations. SLUSH features programming for all industries and focuses strongly on artificial intelligence, gaming, bio-life science devices, Edtech, and top-of-the-line clean technologies. With Helsinki being located in close proximity to some of the world's leading environmental organizations, there is an overwhelming display of cutting edge innovation within the field of clean tech.   


  1. Business development
  2. One-on-one business meetings
  3. Introductions to high ranking government officials and business leaders in Helsinki
  4. Target industries:
    1.  Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups
    2.  Creative Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Gaming
    3.  Bio Life Science: Medical Devices
    4. Clean Technologies: Leading Austin Cleantech Companies

Helsinki High Points

  • SLUSH is a nonprofit event that has grown from a 300 person conference to a leading tech event.
  • SLUSH 2017 gathered 20,000 attendees, with over 2,600 startups, 1,500 investors, and 600 journalists.
  • SLUSH had participants representing over 130 countries.
  • Helsinki is one of Europe's richest capitals; contributing approximately a third of Finland's GDP.
  • Helsinki profits on serviced-related IT and public sectors. 

Toronto, Canada


Flagship Delegation

More information coming soon!

Asia Delegation: Japan, China, South Korea


Flagship Delegation

More information coming soon!

Egypt, Cairo


Conference Delegation

More information coming soon!

London, England


Conference Delegation

Dates: June 10 - 16, 2018

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