Outbound Delegations

Pune, India


Dates: September 22-29

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To develop relationships with Pune, India at the commercial, municipal, and citizen levels. The participating businesses engage with peer businesses, channel partners, and potential acquisition or investment companies. The delegation arrives just as Ganesh Chaturthi ends and affords the delegation to experience some of Pune culture by night and nearby historical sites.


  1. Business development
  2. One-on-one business meetings
  3. Introductions to high ranking government officials and business leaders in India
  4. Target industries:
    1. Bio/Life Sciences - Fitness/health-tech, robotics, mental health, prosthetics
    2. Smart Cities Technologies - IoT, clean energy/renewables, zero waste  

Pune High Points

- 6 million person population
- Named 1 of 100 Smart Cities in India
- “Oxford of India”: more universities per capita than any other city in India
- One of the fastest growing cities in Asia; doubling every 25 years like Austin
- USA Patents & Trademarks recognized and protected
- Home to Sunburn Music Festival; one of the largest in the world with avg 300k attendees each year
- Talented workforce; almost 50/50 ratio of men to women in STEM education
- Average age of Punaites is 24